Shutdown on January 31, 2018

Unfortunately, I have to inform you that will ceases its service on 31.01.2018. The reason for this step is the revised General Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO) of the European Union, which comes into force in May 2018. So far, not all the necessary conditions and effects have been formulated, but due to additional constraints, it is no longer possible for me to devote the time necessary to run to your and mine satisfaction.   How to move to […]


We are now FAKTOR73.

It’s time to change. Times and projects change. In order to better represent our business in the future, we have decided to separate ourselves from the Cloud73 brand. All (future) services are grouped under the brand FAKTOR73. With this step we go back to the roots (1996), when the name Faktor73 was used for the first time. With the advancing development of the media world, the label Cloud73 formed to represent our work. Meanwhile, the term „cloud“ is very inflationary […]

Weiterlesen Archived more than 125.000 news articles in the first month after start.

The first month since start of is over and you like it. In the first month after start (November 4, 2016 – December 4, 2016) of the project, more than 125,000 subscribed news items were requested by users and archived for 773+ days each.   Get full articles by default On November 30, 2016 the ability to „Fetch full post“ was rolled out to all users. More and more RSS feeds are trimmed down to a minimum of content just to […]

Weiterlesen refreshed: Version 1612 online. got an update to Version 1612. All shortlinks and user accounts are still there. Awesome features.   Responsive design Works well on desktop and mobile devices. Powerful Dashboard The dashboard lets you control everything. Manage your URLs, create bundles, manage your splash pages (pro feature) and your settings, all from the same place. Complete Analytics Track each and every user who clicks a link. The system allows you to track everything. Whether it is the amount of clicks, the […]

Weiterlesen How to get complete (full) articles by your feeds. How to get complete (full) articles for your feeds. More and more RSS feeds are trimmed down to a minimum of content just to lure you to their website to read the full article. Tday the test phase of the new feature „Fetch full post“ has started on For legal reasons you need to enable the feature yourself on one or more subscribed feeds. To enable the function follow this short video:

Weiterlesen Archived more than 65.000 news articles in the first 20 days since start.

The first stats for are here. In the first 20 days since start of the project, more than 65,000 subscribed news items were requested by users and archived for 773+ days each. Missing online articles is no longer an issue, does the work in the background and makes the articles available for reading at any time. Classic „read-it-later“. In web-browsers around the planet or directly within out free Android app. Thanks!

Weiterlesen App-Version 1.3 verfügbar – schnelle Navigation inklusive

Die neue Version 1.3 der „“-Android-App ist ab sofort im Google-Playstore verfügbar.     Neue Funktionen: die schnelle und bequeme Navigation („Tag“-Liste) durch zugeordnete „Tags“ wurde ergänzt die neue „Tag“-Liste findet bei Auswahl neben den zum Tag gehörigen Bookmarks auch solche, welche den „Tag“-Begriff in Titel oder in der Beschreibung enthalten Hinweis: Ab Version 1.3 dieser App wird Android 3.0.x (API-Level 11) nicht mehr unterstützt. Mindestversion ist ab nun die Version 4.0 (API-Level 14). Download im Google-Playstore:   Aktuelle […]


FAKTOR73 | Tool lineup 2016 ready.

Lovely readers … Today we celebrate the official start of the third FAKTOR73 online tool named It is the third and (for 2016) last tool I’ve did. The journey started in September with, a handsome and simple bookmark tool with Android, Firefox and Chrome sync. In October the magic happen with the celebration of The secure shortlink service named came to life. Today the third one. An awesome RSS Feedreader with „read […]

Weiterlesen released.

Lovely readers… Today we celebrate the official start of the third Cloud73 online tool named It’s an awesome RSS Feedreader with long-term storage of subscribed RSS feed articles. Intuitive interface Mark, sort, categorize, share your RSS feeds „Read it later“ * – all your RSS feed content stay for 773+ days „Offline“ mode * to take all your RSS feeds and content with you multi-lingual frontend in 9 languages It’s free of charge It is the third and (for […]


Domain „“ is back in Europe!

Say hello Go. | Secure shortlink service makes the world of weblinks a bit more secure. Every Short link get a security scan by a Malware and Phishing filter powered by Phishtank and Google. As a service the security scan for links on the go will follow soon. The story behind the domain: Tell the world it’s home. After a long journey through the world of domain grabbers I was able to bring the domain „“ back to Europe […]