2-Factor-Authentication available now.

Two-factor authentication (2FA, TFA, or multi-factor authentication) has become one of the best ways to ensure the only person logging into your account is you. 2FA is the next level of security – and it offers better peace of mind. is using 2-Factor-Authentication for login. You can enable 2FA for your account here: My 2-Factor-Authentication settings (page available if you are logged in right now). Please visit our FAQ as well: By default, 2FA is disabled for your account. […]

Weiterlesen Meltdown and Spectre Vulnerabilities fixed

Surely you have already learned from the media: There are security holes in virtually every computer processor worldwide. Virtually every provider of Internet services is forced to act quickly. The processors of Intel (R) used by were also affected by the vulnerabilities. If you have not received the information yet, we recommend reading the following media reports: All providers of Internet services must act urgently so as not to jeopardize the security of the systems and customer […]

Weiterlesen API released.

I’m proud to inform you about the initial release of the API. We simply call it „Options to automate your workflow.“ and that’s what it do. As a user of | Website Monitoring you are now able to get your hands on a new way to work with your data. Please login to your account and check out the documentation named „ Server API“ right within the „Help“ menu.

Weiterlesen Customer Reference Program started

Today the Customer Reference Program started to invite all users to share their experiences with our product. Benefit for users who dive into the program: Free account upgrade to “ Agency” plan to monitor up to 50 servers/websites. Location based uptime checks (Germany, North America, Australia). Auto refresh uptime checks of 1 minute per server/website (instead of 3 minutes for standard free accounts). All details and contact information can be found here:

Weiterlesen International monitoring locations online for testers.

First of all: Your data is still protected by German data protection law, is made in Germany, hosted in Germany. Second: The work is going on. Today I’m proud to tell you about our internationalization. Your business is global. In addition, we maintain tracking servers in North America and Australia to check the global availability of your monitored web servers and applications. A first screenshot right from the main authors account is listing the worldwide monitor locations for every single server […]

Weiterlesen Website Monitoring Widget available. got a new feature ready. If you like you can enable status widgets for monitored websites to embed them on your website directly (or any other one) to show your visitors a bit of your uptime stats.     Live sample of the widget (my personal website) This is a realtime example, no screenshot. 🙂 To use the widgets, log in to your account, edit your server settings and enable „External Widget“. There is also an help website […]

Weiterlesen Slack integration online.

As of today the integration of slack is ready and up to use. It’s nice to get one of the leading business comunication networks integrated with You can easily set-up as many slack-connections in your account as you like and assign them to monitored websites to stay updated. You can set-up connection for individual slack-accounts also as connections to #private or #public or group shared #channels. As you like. | offical slack-app To bring you the […]

Weiterlesen | Website Monitoring

Please welcome our new kid on the block:       Features Intuitive web based interface. Add, edit and manage up to 20 websites for free. Crawl websites to get response code and response time. Desktop, E-Mail and mobile (iOS / Android) push notification on website status change. Fast Push messaging auto refresh status time of 5 minutes per website. Daily statistics (response time, uptime). Long-term statistics: 773+ days saving. Auto refresh status time of 5 minutes per website. […]