WP-Bulletinboard: The Beginning.

Last week i subscribed to the „WordPress Testers Mailinglist“ and got first time hands on a „branch of the brand new WordPress 2.7 blog. Began to love it more and more while testing the new features (detailed list in German only).

While checking out the new „comment“-functions („reply to a reply“, „paginated comments“) I got the idea, to use all this now-on-board stuff, to turn a WordPress Blog to a bulletin board.

What should I say … it’s running right now.

The whole system is templated based, so no one will need to edit core files of WordPress. WP-Bulletinboard will be safe for updates, your system will never stop working, after updating your WordPress.


WP-Bulletinboard will work with WordPress 2.8.x++

Download and documentation will follow as soon as possible.

Test it now:
no test link available at the moment – stay tuned

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  • n1
    hat uaf jeden fall was der gedanke, müsst man mal gucken wie das ganze dann in der praxis wird.

  • Not a bad start. With a bit of styling and continued work, everything will begin to fall in place.

    Good luck with the project!

    Jon – WPSensei

  • Sieht gut aus – Plugin Download?

  • Force

    Ich arbeite derzeit an einer neuen Version, sobald das gesamte Layout und diverse Bezeichnungsfehler gefixt sind, gibts an dieser Stelle eine Info mit Download. 🙂 Danke für eure Geduld! 🙂

  • This is an interesting project to me. I would like to have multiple ones running in one installation. This is for the purpose of classes that have been paid for and I want those paid student only to have access to the board assigned to a particular class.

  • Force

    Next version in pipeline: Based on WordPress 2.8.2! stay tuned

  • Wie „soon“ nach dem 31.7. ist „soon“? Wäre an einer (meinetwegen auch inoffiziellen) Testversion interessiert


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